Last Vision is a Saudi Est. established since 2000. Specializing in IT-Information Technology, Security and Safety, Networking and Communications, Home Theater and other Low Current Systems. Since its inception we have expanded not only our field of expertise but also our geographical arena to become a truly organization. • Expertise and dedication, our vision is to bring the latest in technology to our customers reach by providing the latest technologies in LOW CURRENT Systems hardware and Software installation and methodology. Through the cooperation and partnerships with well-recognized international companies, Last Vision and partners have the expertise to execute various types of projects, whether small or large-scale projects. Last Vision obliges itself to provide its clients with Assurance and Quality Control procedures to fulfill its obligations and dedication in providing the highest quality services to their clients. Last Vision sees the bigger picture. Our answers are formulated to not only solve ICT complexities but also create an environment that is smart and encouraging for customer growth. • We work for the people. Our objectives cater to the future of the citizens and are in line with the Saudi Vision 2030. LV creates new opportunities with its untapped technology, ensuring it is beneficial and flexible to fit the needs of every individual client and the economy as a whole.

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